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July 29, 2013
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Works for the Priests by sadademort Works for the Priests by sadademort
This is a very personal piece in response to Pope Francis' comments about homosexuality and people's ensuing response. Note that I go to a Jesuit college (so basically, there's been a LOT of fanboying of the pope.) So, er, please be respectful in the comments. Thanks, y'all.

I was born and raised Catholic and let me tell you what, as an asexual, I might not have won the sexuality lottery but I damn sure came in second when it comes to the Catholic church. Because while my orientation, along with all other nonheterosexual orientations, is a result of the effects of original sin on the world, at least the whole celibacy bit comes a little more naturally to me.

See, because while so many people, including close friends, are going gaga over Pope Francis’ comments that he has no place to judge someone* if that someone " is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will," yet these same people tend to gloss over the fact that while being gay is okay, gay actions are still verboten. Worse, very few seem to realize that this has literally been the Roman Catholic Church’s position for years: nonheterosexuals and the unwed are called to abstinance and chastity.

Nothing has changed. Nothing at all.

Basically, if you want to be a good Catholic, you’d best be heterosexual or be celibate. Because hey, it’s sure been working for those priests.

*specifically, he talked about gay priests
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Macgyver644200 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
For most of them, it does.
BrineTime Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013
Collapsed protestant (Methodist) phoning in,

I'm guessing it's a battered spouse kind of thing.  After putting up with years of people screaming obscenities and cursing you every waking hour of the day, dialing things back to someone muttering slurs under their breath behind your back might seem like a marked improvement. (PROTIP: It's still bullshit.)
Ayu-Dev Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I... for the first time in years... am totally out of the loop on this one. But at least your open about it ^^
118519 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013
You know, it's interesting that you bring up how asexuality isn't seen as normal within Christian teachings, few people realize that. The only place I've ever seen it brought up was The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey. Also, please, if you wouldn't mind, do go on about Marian cults!
sadademort Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Student Writer
Yeah and like it changes depending on what Xtian faith you're looking at -- like I've heard talk that some call asexuality like as wrong as homosexuality because you're denying the procreative or whatever thing??? Or some shit?? Whereas Catholicism's at least like "hey not everyone's called to marriage it's okay just like not everyone's called to religious life" because it legit says that in the Bible...but then Catholicism also says that everything that isn't how it is in the garden of eden is a result of original sin which sounds so super=duper bad when you say it but the way I've figured it it's a way of being like "everyone has their burden in this life because this is an imperfect world so yeah you might struggle being asexual, maybe not as much as a gay guy, but you know, we all have crosses to bear" (though maybe if we didn't hail heteronormativity this wouldn't be a probleeeeemmmmmm but I'll just stop takling.)
Huh, I never got that far in the Satanic Bible (I have a few issues with it that kept me from reading. Rather petty issues, admittedly.) What's he say?

MARIAN CULTS ARE SO COOL OH MY GOD okay so like it's kind of why you have a lot of those gorgeous cathedrals in France because notice they're all like Notre Dame de Chartres or Notre Dame de Paris because people had this super duper devotion to Mary and so they like raised the money and built churches in Mary's name and like it's really cool when you see some of the architecture because of course they have to make Jesus #1 or the papacy'd get pissy but like those churches are just super duper about Mary like it's in the name, it's all about Mary, it's architectural details about her life, just Mary all up in here. I love it. Because like...Mary brings with her all the Mother Goddess figures before her. The whole Virgin Mary thing was never originally a sexually virgin but meaning like young woman and alluded to ancient myths of similar fertility or life-giving goddesses (like Ishtar/Inanna was a love goddess but also had titles like Queen of Heaven and got purity titles that sound odd to see with a love-goddess but it's because the meaning was closer to her perpetual youth and fertility to be a goddess of life and harvest and crops not dying and other stuff -- I'm vaguely remembering a paper I wrote two years ago, haha.) So basically, the cults of certain goddesses during like Egyptian times or Roman times, that all survives in Catholicism as devotion to saints or to Mary like the Marian cult, all that was and still is very much there, though it gets kinda filtered through "yeah but remember Jesus is number one, we only pray to Mary to interceeeede on our behalf to her son, we don't worship her" but like....the extreme devotional to Mary is still there. It's a way to make up for the loss of the feminine aspect of God from the Jewish roots as a patriarchal view of God took hold or the Roman/Greek/Sumerian (they all kinda trace back and start overlapping) roots of the chthonic mother goddess that, again, gets swallowed up by a more dude-tastic religion (think the titans with a male sky god and female earth goddess and then Zeus, one dude god, taking over as king of the gods and how that affects other gods like Hekate who went from pretty powerful goddess to evil crossroads goddess of witches.) This is super rambly and all over the place, I'm sorry, but it's just super cool the connections between Mary and like...fucking every other goddess of the ancient "known" world (I've got a feeling parallels could be drawn with more far eastern religions but those seem to have a bit more of an isolated development as opposed to the Mesopotamian-Greek-Roman-Etruscan faiths though I mean some Etruscan stuff developed independentish of Greece and then trickled into Roman so who knows, I'm not an authority on it.) 
TL;DR the Marian cults (and other special devotion to specific saints) are pretty much Catholicism carrying on the tradition of cult-worship in the ancient pagan religions even though like the Church will never admit it that's totally what it is because the Church wants it's nice patriarchal religion and yet SUPER DEVOTION TO MARY. It's why I could never sever all ties with Catholicism -- I love Mary and number of the saints too much (like Joan of Arc wHAT A FUCKING BADASS JOAN OF ARC) because it's trying to make up for what it lost in its pagan roots
118519 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013
Well it actually doesn't sound too bad in my opinion. Eden seems to be a very simple place, humans, unashamed, connected with nature and well that's about it, as far as I've read. So saying everything not being as it was in Eden is sinful -is- pretty much saying everything is sinful, meaning it's unavoidable. The Edenic fall of man always represented something very interesting to me, the birth of consciousness and the separation from nature. It really does seem to be a story about humanity finding it's identity and the actual fall isn't 'leaving the garden' in a literal sense, but going from animals who lived in nature, to beings who now feel they have to conquer and try to tame nature. Beings who now have to strive and build cities, instead of dwelling in caves and small encampments...I may have gotten a bit off track here.
The Satanic bible says that all forms of sexual expression (so long as they do not harm, or embarrass anyone who does not wish to be) are accepted and encouraged, but that if one truly has no sexual desires, they shouldn't feel pressured into having sex simply to procreate. That an asexual person not having sex is just as much an expression of their sexuality as any other form. Mind if I ask what your issues were with finishing the book?

Wow, I'm happy you didn't hold back! I can see what you're saying, though were/are there any actual Marian cults? Ones that literally worshiped Mary? Because I know of a couple Gnostic sects that worshiped angels (I once read that Uriel was demoted from archangel to saint because of the fear he would be worshiped.) And I know of one Lucifarian group that the church had taken out. Speaking of connecting biblical figures to pagan roots, did you ever read The Sandman by Neil Gaiman? He connects the three wives of Adam in Jewish folklore with the triple goddess figure and it's amazing! I think Mary represents a very interesting figure, not only as a mother goddess figure, but someone who gets a bit more importance then most mortal women who give birth to the children of gods. Most of the women in Greek myth who have Zeus's babied just die horribly...and that's it. But Mary holds within her womb the son of (or incarnation/aspect/whichever interpretation of Christ you go by) God, who claims to be higher then all gods (not that Zeus didn't claim the same thing.) Do you know of any apocrypha on her I could read? Outside of the bible that is? 
1r0zz0 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
you cannot be a good catholic. you can be a catholic or TRULY believe in God.

jokes aside, I do not care about what the priest or the pope talk about, after all everybody knows that for the priest homosexuality is only acceptable if accompanied by an adult...

God in his design gave us the freedom to love how we want, as long we do not create pain.
MonocleBunny Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Also Catholic, also attending a Jesuit College, ha ha! I don't think the Church's stance of unwed sex is gonna change any time soon. It's ridiculous to expect anyone- including priests- to remain celibate. I've always found that 'law' to be completely contrary to human nature.
sadademort Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013  Student Writer
Like I think it's really great that there are people who say "I have the self control to handle celibacy and I wish to be a priest so I shall!" like hats off to them...but like...aren't priests and such called to a higher power like why call the lay to it? Monogamy, sure, but while maybe I find celibacy as easy as breathing because I'm asexual but like just cause it's a cake walk for me I'm not stupid enough to think it's so for everyone and I just...I think the church needs to sit down and take a good, long hard look at itself. Ah, that was a rant, I'm sorry. 
MonocleBunny Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
No, I completely agree! I go on worse rants at school and they give me the evil eye.
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